Living in a world of contradiction

We live in a world where happiness and a brave face are glorified and tears should only be shed behind closed doors. We are told from when we are small that anger is bad, and yet aggression and rage is one of the most commonly expressed and, ironically, socially acceptable emotions.

We live in a world of contradictions when it comes to emotions and the unhelpful story which says “emotions are complex and complicated”, which means we often choose to ignore them or avoid them rather than be with them.

Emotions are not complex or complicated. We can learn to understand and tune in to what they are telling us, in simple and effective ways.

The hypocrisy is literally killing us. It is time for emotions and their value to come out of the shadow and into the light and do what they are here to do.

Support us to live full, messy, vulnerable and delightful lives. Emotions are here to inform our decisions to fire us into action and to open us to connection and love.

We matter, our feelings matter. Let us begin paying more attention to the part of ourselves which affects each and every moment in our day.

Let us start to change the current story from: emotions are not useful, they are complicated and difficult to a narrative which says;

emotions are useful and I can easily learn how to understand and work with my emotions.

Let us be discerning and courageous in a world which needs connection and kindness more than ever.