Online Courses

This course will support you to begin developing the skills you need for your emotional well-being. It will help you to understand and better navigate your emotions, through it's simple and practical teaching style. Once you have completed this course you will feel more confident to express, explore and feel your emotions without feeling overwhelmed or out of control. It is a practical and effective course for anyone who is interested in finding more ease in your day to day life, decreasing stress and getting better at communicating how you are feeling.

Introduction To The Feeling Cards Online Courses

A three part series online workshop to help you develop your EQ skills, and how you can use the Feeling Cards to support your emotional wellness...

Course 1: Creating space for emotions

This is the first workshop in a three part series, where you are taken on a journey to help you develop your EQ skills, and how you can use the Feeling Cards to support your emotional awareness and then support the children in your life to do the same. In this first workshop you will be supported in the basic how to’s of the Feeling Cards and how to use them, with the focus of the workshop on how to create space for emotions in your day to day life. At the end of the workshop you will feel confident and comfortable using the Feeling Cards.

Course 2: Techniques for processing emotions

This is the second workshop of the three part series, in this workshop we will focus on how to process emotion, why it is necessary and how to do it in a safe supportive way for yourself and children. You will leave this workshop feeling more capable to take any of the methods of processing emotion used in the Feeling Cards and integrating them into your life, your school and your family.

Course 3: Reflection

This is the final workshop in the three part series. In this workshop we will be taking an in depth look at reflection and how it is one of the key skills that we need in order to develop our emotional intelligence.

Emotional Safety & Connection Online Course

Creating emotional safety and connection is essential for happy. healthy and resilient children and adults...

This course is focused on giving you the tools and skills to create emotional safety and connection in any situation.

When we focus on cultivating and growing the skills and tools first, it becomes easier to incorporate them into our daily lives, and our classrooms.

  • Learn how to establish emotional safety with your partner, friends and children
  • Build stable and secure connections
  • Learn what the 5 magic ingredients are to create emotional safety
  • EQ basics
  • Understand why connection is essential for us to thrive
  • Repairing connection, creating resilience

Cost: R800/person 
Sign-up with a partner or friend for R 1200/pair

Date of next course: TBC

Format: 10-day online course, which includes

  • Three 90 minute group online calls, with audio recordings available for download
  • A workbook to guide you through the 10 days
  • Practical activities to do at home with yourself, your partner and kids applying the skills and tools shared in the course
  • Daily emails guiding you through the whole process
  • A WhatsApp group for quick and easy communications with the facilitators and other participants
  • Time needed – An estimated 30 mins a day  Access to support from our Explorare Facilitators