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Emotional safety in the classroom

When children are nurtured and taught in emotionally safe environments, they have a greater capacity to learn and grow into their full potential, courage to face challenges, a natural curiosity and the opportunity to cultivate resilience.

Current research states that for children to connect in healthy ways and express their authentic confident selves they need to feel emotionally safe. This workshop covers the specific ingredients you need to cultivate emotional safety. You will walk away with the foundations of the skills you need to create emotional safety and tools you can immediately use in your classroom.


Foundations for Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness skills are predicted to become the most sought-after skills in the future for the children of today, in relation to success and employability.

With the school curriculum so pressured you are not able to introduce an entirely new subject. The only way you are going to be able to teach and facilitate these skills in and for children is to incorporate them, little by little into many moments and classes throughout the day. Fortunately, once you can identify and grow the skills in yourself it becomes easy to incorporate and model them throughout your teaching day.


Environments of love

This training is designed to effectively address the bullying culture which is so prevalent in our schools.

To create long lasting change, we need to support connection consistently in our daily actions, taking small steps and making simple changes which lead to shifts in the culture and environment in a school.

This training focuses on using connection to invite co-operation and change. By taking a deeper look at what bullying is, what is going on under the surface you will increase your understanding of the root causes contributing to the bullying behaviour. Here is your starting point to make an impact on the bullying culture, here you will learn how you can be proactive and preventative in the face of bullying, and create a culture of respectful, honouring relationships.

Partnering with schools

Partnering with schools to develop and implement customised strategies to create change and address any concerns with the behaviour of teachers and students. Supporting schools to develop strong cultures of emotional wellbeing.

Online Teacher Training & Development Courses

Emotional Safety

Creating emotional safety and connection is essential for happy, healthy, resilient children and adults.

This course is focused on giving you the tools and skills to create emotional safety and connection in any situation.

When you focus on cultivating and growing the skills and tools first, it becomes easier to incorporate them into your daily lives, and your classrooms.

  • Learn how to establish emotional safety with your partner, friends and children
  • Build stable and secure connections
  • Learn what the 5 magic ingredients are to create emotional safety
  • Understand why connection is essential for us to thrive
  • Repairing connection, creating resilience