Teachers Well-being Community

Our aim is to create a community which provides you with affordable and interactive access to:

Support for your emotional and mental well-being

High quality SACE accredited courses

A community of like-minded teachers

To create a place where we can connect-in, resource, learn, share and thrive together.


In your paid monthly subscription you have unlimited access to:


Why this community?

As a teacher you hold a pivotal role in our society and for you to thrive doing what you love you need way more support than what you currently receive.

We have created this community to change this. We want you to feel safe and cared for so you keep being the amazing super heroes you are! Yes we really believe you are super heroes.


Teaching in South Africa means you face many challenges: having classes of over 40+ children, being threatened physically, constantly needing to meet the needs of children who are vulnerable and live in abusive and violent environments. Caring for children who are depressed, suffering from anxiety and more. . . not to mention the paperwork and curriculum pressure.

All of this takes a lot of heart and energy. We know teaching in these environments is not only physically taxing but emotionally draining as well.

Teachers give so much of themselves, we want to support you especially when you are feeling depleted, unmotivated or exhausted.

We believe . . .

It is fundamental for teachers to have a place to resource. A place where you feel cared for and supported. To talk through and share what has been tough, to be heard and seen. To connect with other teachers to cultivate a space of belonging. To find new ways of doing things which make your teaching day more ease-filled.

We have created this for YOU!

We want you to feel empowered, alive, excited and appreciated. Every. Single. Day.