Meet Kate

Here is what I know as truth, feelings matter, how we treat and connect with ourselves and others matter.

The world we live in is not okay. We judge more than love, we harm more than we support, we disconnect to survive, instead of connecting to thrive.  

I trust in connection, I feel we need to help and support each other so we can be better friends, lovers, parents, kinder strangers and compassionate enemies. What I know is hurt people hurt, it is time we stepped up, stepped forward and each in our own way take a stand to make this world healthier.

Through my own journey of not being very good with feelings, not having very well-developed emotional wellness skills to manage my feelings and regulate my nervous system. I took the long and sometimes deeply difficult way to find harmony in my life. To find more space and ease it took growing my ability to be present to what I am feeling, developing the essential skills for connection and navigating the tough, painful and beautiful parts of my life. For I have realised when I try not to feel my pain, I limit my willingness to feel joy too.

It has been a challenging road to walk, sometimes it felt more like a very slow belly crawl through a swamp, and my life is infinitely better from this journey and growth.  My life is now filled with more connection, kindness, compassion, love and joy. I have grown my resilience muscle, my capacity to sit in uncomfortable places and communicate clearly. It has made all the difference. These are the skills I believe the world desperately needs in these times and I am committed to being part of the change.

 I am here,

This is my work,

This is what I love.